Core Powertrain Technology

EXEED DHT boasts of the world's first core technology and unique super hybrid drivetrain

3-engine powertrain

the industry's only dual motor drive and highly integrated system of motor controller, dual motor and gearbox

3-gear DHT

a dedicated hybrid transmission for B-class SUVs delivering lower fuel consumption, higher efficiency and more power

3The industry's first 9-mode 11-speed system

featuring a smart combination of an engine with dual motors, all-scenario coverage and high-efficiency power output

3 leading performances and 9 highlighted data
Max input torque
510 N·m
Overall torque density
35 N·m/kg
Max transmission efficiency
97.6% over
OSPL pure electric drive
Output power
6.0 kW/kg

1highest energy: 510N·m max input torque, 35N·m/kg overall torque density

2 World leading efficiency: over 97.6% max transmission efficiency, more than 90% average electric drive efficiency in NEDC conditions,  peak efficiency for hairpin motor is higher than 97%, 6.0kW/kg output power and more than 50% fuel economy in low-power mode

3Industry leading quality: 75dB (A) OSPL pure electric drive, and 1.5 times the industry's designed life