EXEED M3X  architecture is one of the world's leading intelligent modular vehicle architectures based on the group's five global R&D centers, and Magna,the world's top platform supplier.

M3X  architecture is a universal chassis system with flexible wideband.It can cover segment A to segment C vehicles,SUV,MPV,CROSS Cars and new energy models.

Modularity and universality of platform effectively improving the turnover rate of parts, and greatly reducing the daily maintenance cost of users.And with Benteler’s master-class chassis and BorgWarner’s intelligent 4WD system, etc.,this architecture is intended to create superior driving experience for users.While realizing the flexibility of the vehicle body, M3X  architecture can support a variety of powertrain configurations.

From traditional ICE to hybrid power which can realize 9 modes,it provides users with a variety of options for vehicle purchase.Today, in the age of intelligent vehicles,M3X has fully realized the fourth-generation electrical architecture.The core domain controller integrates complicated functions,realizing higher-speed information transmission and higher processing capacity.Providing solid foundation and guarantee for i-Connect @Lion, L2.5and autonomous driving functions of higher level.

The unique cage-style energy-absorbing body of the M3X architecture features 78% coverage of high-strength steel,and the tensile strength of 1,600Mpa for the B-pillars.

5-star+ certification of C-NCAP
Ranking first among medium SUVs
Providing 360°safe driving