Unveiling the Teaser of EXEED's First Electric Sedan, New EXLANTIX Series Will Come Soon

April 10, 2023

On March 28, EXEED officially released a teaser post of its first sedan that is long expected by global users, which demonstrates that EXEED has preliminarily built a full-range product matrix including sedan and SUV. On April 10, EXEED released a teaser through its official social media account again, further unveiling the mystery of the sedan. This new vehicle, integrating high performance and green and environmental protection, is the first electric sedan created by EXEED, as well as the first model that will be under a new series - EXLANTIX, derived from the pronunciation of "Atlantis". EXLANTIX not only represents the high-end electric product of EXEED, but also shoulder the important mission of creating ideal mobility modes.

As the first sedan under the EXLANTIX series, the vehicle features clean lines, a slender body. Looking from the front particularly, the vehicle shows people a swooping feeling through a forward-prostrating design from the middle of the engine hood; while for the rear, it adopts a sportback styling with a small and slightly upward rear wing. These design elements, which are usually adopted for high-performance vehicles, indicate that this new vehicle will pay equal attention to its sporty performance.

The EXEED team has subtly designed the teaser to give prominence to its positioning as a electric vehicle. Firstly, it takes green as its the dominant color, echoing the theme of green and environmental protection; secondly, the body is covered with hexagonal geometric patterns, which are derived from the hexagonal lattice of carbon; moreover, the light and shadow on the road are reminiscent of electric currents, further highlighting the feature as the first electric sedan.

Currently, it is common for high-end users to pursue the sporty performance and green mobility. EXEED’s first sedan perfectly combines these two qualities, which positions the sedan as an ideal vehicle for users, and also ushers in a new series of high-end electric products. The naming of EXLANTIX also foreshadows that this series will be as desirable and worth exploring as the Atlantis described by Plato.